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Genealogy Links

A Selection of genealogy websites you may find useful when conducting your family history research.

General Links

The Genealogist site
The Genealogist

Vast online research site - the widest coverage of records from 1127 to 2005, and all the data is checked by experts for accuracy and quality.

Free Family History site
Free Family History

A site full of advice on how to research your family tree for free, including free genealogy websites and free family history subscriptions.

Genealogy Discount site
Genealogy Discount

The latest discount codes for family history subscriptions and products.

Genealogy Supplies site
Genealogy Supplies

The largest UK genealogy publisher and retailer, with over a decade of experience in ser the needs of computer-based family historians.

BMD Index site
BMD Index

The index to the complete range of birth, marriage and death records (BMD) f1837 onwards - that's 168 years of data, or 250 million events!

Roots UK site
Roots UK

Easy-to-use online research site, ideal for the beginner. Pay-as-you-go service from just £5, only pay to view a full record, searching is FREE!

BMD Registers site
BMD Registers

The Official Non-Parochial BMDs Service (in association with TNA)

TreeView site

TreeView is a powerful family tree builder. Whether you're an experiencamily historian or just starting out, you'll find TreeView easy to use and an essential tool in your research.

Genealogy Reviews site
Genealogy Reviews

Helping you find the data and software you need to help your research.

British Family History site
British Family History

Discover your family history with this guide to genealogy.

Army Lists site
Army Lists

Information about Army Lists and other Military sources.

Roots Magic site
Roots Magic

Leading UK Genealogy Software.

Parish Registers site
Parish Registers

Parish Registers - records from 1538 to 1837.

FHS Online site
FHS Online

Access census and parish records from Family History societies.

GEN Fair site
GEN Fair

The biggest online genealogical shop; over 20,000 family history items.

British Data Archive site
British Data Archive

The UK Census Records on CD.

Digitise Film site
Digitise Film

Putting your Microfiche and Microfilm into digital format.

Your Family History site
Your Family History

Search a history of your surname in the Census from 1841 to 1901.

Census Links

UK Census Online site
UK Census Online

Information about the UK Census.

1921 Census1911 Census1901 Census1891 Census1881 Census1871 Census1861 Census1851 Census1841 Census

Sites about each individual UK Census by year.

The Lancashire CensusThe Yorkshire Census

Practical information about the Lancashire and Yorkshire Censuses from 1841 to 1901, and how to use it to research your family history.

BMD Links

Useful information on Baptism, Marriage and Burial records in the UK. each site includes a case study which shows you how to search, as well as information on certificates.

Other Links

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