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Name indexes and transcripts for the London censuses from 1841-1911 are available online, with full searchable transcripts and original images. A census name index is a list of names compiled from the census records, which enables you to search for a person by surname, forename and age. Transcripts are more detailed than indexes, and enable you to search across all the fields, such as occupation and address.

Transcribing the census for large counties like London is a mammoth task and a huge amount of manpower is required to compile these records.

To remedy this situation, two major UK-based genealogy companies, S&N Genealogy Supplies and British Data Archive, have funded a census name-indexing project, and have worked tirelessly to create indexes. S&N are also funding major transcription projects enabling millions of new records to be created. Thousands of volunteers, including small UK companies, societies and individuals, from all over the UK have since contributed to these projects and the transcripts are now available online at The volunteers’ cultural, historical and geographical knowledge of the UK provide accurate results which gives these transcripts a distinct advantage over ones produced by companies outside of the UK.

Smaller UK-based companies, societies and individuals have been compiling census name indexes covering particular counties or areas. Cultural, historical, geographical knowledge of the UK and an interest in genealogy gives them an advantage in producing more accurate results than other companies outside of the UK.

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Why not try using the free search provided by UKCensusOnline to look for a London-based ancestor?

Online Genealogical Research Data

Whether you are a beginner and have a lot of research to do or are already an experienced family historian, The Genealogist offers many resources at great value-for-money, and it's more than just census data that you can get online.

A Premium Subscription Includes:

  • Census indexes & transcripts
  • Births, marriages and deaths 1600 - 2005
  • Parish records
  • Non-conformist records
  • Wills, probates & testaments
  • Directories
  • Military & regimental records
  • School, college & university registers
  • Peerage & Heritage records
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • and more...

Why choose TheGenealogist?

  • Award-winning site
  • BMDs 1600-2005
  • Census indexes and transcripts 1841 to 1911
  • Parish Registers
  • The widest coverage: 1127 to 2005
  • Quality data, checked by experts
  • The widest range of records
  • Unique search tools

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Volunteer Indexing Project

S&N cares about the quality of online and CD indexes as much as you do, which is why they are the only company to use a team of UK employees and volunteers to create, check and amend the data. They also licence data from UK individuals and societies.

Why not join the project? - and get rewards

S&N has set up a new site with a set of bespoke indexing tools that they have developed for their volunteers, which is already proving popular and people are enjoying using it.

If you are interested in being involved, why not join the project? Free subscriptions and other rewards are offered to those who help. For details of the indexing project, go to and sign up.

Which websites to use

Two of our favourite sites are:

The Genealogist is a vast research site offering UK censuses, BMDs and more.

If you have a lot of research to do or are already an experienced family historian, The Genealogist offers more resources and better value-for-money compared to other online research sites.

There are a variety of subscription options, including some which are credit-free (Personal and Professional Premium), as well as pay-as-you-go options for individual databases. is an easy-to-use online research site.

This site is ideal for the beginner or those who don't have lots of research left to do, it has the complete birth, marriage and death records index from 1837 onwards, census transcripts, and the London electoral roll 2005.

Access to all this data costs from just £5!

Try a FREE search of the London cenus 1841-1901 powered by RootsUK.

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